Waivers should be signed as soon as possible upon camper’s arrival. They are in the kiosk and caretaker’s cabin.


Back in vehicles for quick departure in an emergency & keep your keys accessible. Honking car horns means emergency. Return to group area.


Fires only in the two designated fire pits; group camp and caretaker’s cabin. A shovel and at least 5 gallons of water must be adjacent. Preferably the water system is charged with a hose connected. The pack-back pump is in the caretakers cabin, have it at the large fire pit. Fire should be put out by last person in the evening. 

Smoke only in vehicles, adjacent to a fit pit or in vehicles. 

NO Smoking in cabins.

Propane cook stoves are OK at campsites.


Use conservation at all times. Do not let it just run, or use water exorbitantly. Report leaks promptly.

For drinking water, rely on your own supply whenever possible.


This is bear country. All food must be stored in vehicles, cabins  or lockboxes overnight, not in tents.. This includes checking children’s pockets for food wrappers.

Ringing bell means gather for group meal.


Basic rule; if you are close enough to affect the animals behavior, you’re too close. There is a grabber for moving a snake if needed. Gently put the snake into a 5 gallon bucket for transport. Bear, mountain lion, skunk, deer, elk, fox, rabbit, squirrel, chipmunk, and mice are normal inhabitants. 


Bear Grass (cactus that looks like a clump of hair) has serrated edges that can saw your hand and Cat’s Claw (knee high Acacia shrub) is full of well, claws, that easily scratches skin. Wear long clothes & be cautious.

Please do not pick flowers. The seeds will be needed for next year’s growth.


To avoid bug bites, stay on paths, use repellent, wear long clothing, socks and shoes and keep clean.

Discourage the destruction of ant pyramids.


Dogs must be on a leash and well removed from other dogs when being fed. Please promptly move dog feces into manzanita clumps.


Keep lids down (when not in use:)), doors closed and  toilet paper stowed in coffee cans. Sprinkle a small quantity of ash into the hole after using the toilet


For composting to work, only poop don’t  pee.


There is an Urgent Care facility in Young & there is usually a cell signal on the knoll just up the hill NE of the kitchen. A wooden first aid box will be available in the group area with bandaids, salve, etc.


Please ask the event coordinator what you can do to help with clean up before leaving. 

Police your campsite thoroughly for micro-trash.

Tarps folded and stored.

Propane turned off & stoves stowed.

Bear boxes neatly packed.

Do not leave personal folding chairs or other camping gear.

Revised 8/2023