REGISTRATION FOR GROUP EVENTS (not required for visits)

For SAWUURA sponsored group events, all participants must pre-register using the online registration form for that event and the paper registration form and the signed liability waiver(s). The paper forms and check for the registration fee (made out to “SAWUURA”) can be brought to camp or mailed to the event coordinator as shown on the registration form.



Please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM before filling in the:

  • Event Registration pdf
  • Liability Waiver pdf



A signed liability waiver is required for each event or visit to the SAWUURA property by each attending adult. For non-event visits the waiver must be mailed to the SAWUURA secretary at our mailing address
before visiting the property. Waivers will also be kept in the kiosk of SAWUURA.

Drop-in visits are encouraged. Contact a board member for the lock combination and instructions.  Also, the waiver must be signed on arriving and mailed as soon as possible. The duration of stay must be indicated on the waiver.


Adults must list (by name) anyone under 18 years of age attending with them. A child visiting SAWUURA without a parent or legal guardian must also have a liability waiver signed by the parent or legal guardian, in addition to being listed on the waiver of the adult who is attending SAWUURA with him/her.