Individuals may become members of SAWUURA who are members of a Unitarian Universalist congregation and organizations affiliated with such congregations and who subscribe to and support the purposes, goals, and philosophy of SAWUURA.

A membership may be held by a person or by a family unit in which at least one family member meets all the membership qualifications. Corporate Life Member status was bestowed upon those individuals or families who contributed $3000 or more for the original purchase of SAWUURA.

Non-Unitarian Universalists who subscribe to the purposes of SAWUURA and wish to support it may be elected to membership by a three-fifths (60 percent) vote of either the Trustees or of the members at an annual meeting.

Each individual 16 years of age or older who is a member or is a part of a family membership shall have one vote. All powers of SAWUURA are vested in the membership, including the right to give specific and general directives to the Board of Trustees in the exercise of its duties and powers.

It is the responsibility of members of SAWUURA to provide active participation, personal and/or financial, in the stewardship of SAWUURA and to support, enhance, and actively foster the spiritual values of wilderness, simplicity, and religious community in the tradition of Unitarian Universalism.


Many new members join as part of registering for their first group event as provided for on group event registration forms. Otherwise, a membership application form is HERE.

The SAWUURA Annual Membership Fee is $60 for an individual or family; $30 for seniors or youth. Memberships are renewable each year by May 1st. Submit HERE.
Fees are used to maintain infrastructure, such as the road, well & cabins and for camp scholarships.

Questions regarding membership can be sent to or

Enroll/Renew Here

Brochure and Mailable Form

  • Reduced rates for group events.
  • Ability to camp in undisturbed quite and seclusion. Think of it as a “wilderness time share” at a fraction of the cost of a resort time share.
  • Ample opportunities for fellowship with other UU’s from around the state and region.


SAWUURA is an entirely volunteer organization with no paid staff. As such it depends on the involvement of its membership to carry out its mission. Volunteer opportunities are numerous and expanding.

  • Attending Work Weekends in May. (See events page.)
  • Serving on the Board of Trustees. Board members serve a 2 year term and are elected at an annual meeting held in June.

Board meetings are generally held monthly in the off-season.

  • Serving on committees. The Board of Trustees has established three committees to carry out its work more efficiently:
    Publicity/Membership, Programs, and Facilities. Membership in these committees is open to any SAWUURA member in good standing. Membership in these committees is a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for involvement in order to further develop and enhance the mission of SAWUURA.