Supported Week at Camp

SAWUURA AZ, United States

Eb, Curtiss and Haley are headed to camp on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020 for a few days. The winter cabin has wood and water and the stream will be flowing(and maybe frozen:). If you would enjoy the chance to recharge with friends in peace and quiet as the moon waxes toward first quarter, let us … Continue reading Supported Week at Camp

Visit Camp

If you would like to visit camp before June 1st, contact Eb at or make contact via the SAWUURA facebook page. It is not possible to visit without making prior arrangements. The gate is locked.

Memorial Day 2020 Family Camp on Hold due to Quarantine

Due to the pandemic, there will not be a group camp this Memorial Day. If you would like to visit camp on your own contact Eb Eberlein at or make contact via the SAWUURA facebook page.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Conference Call Tuesday, August 11th, 7pm Call (605) 472-5673 Enter 904993# Eb’s agenda items 1.A proposed plan for the operation of SAWUURA as a Sanctuary camp where connection to the natural environment is encouraged and cultivated. With the expectation that larger group gatherings will not be likely before Labor Day Weekend 2021 if … Continue reading Annual Meeting

Labor Day Mini-Camp

SAWUURA AZ, United States

There will not be a Labor Day group camp at SAWUURA this year, but Yes, Camp will be open to up to 3 groups, totaling no more than 11 people. All groups must be self contained and be willing to do serious social distancing. The camp kitchen is usable & you can use a propane … Continue reading Labor Day Mini-Camp

May Events

Here is our SAWUURA schedule for May. Reservations are highly recommended for stays in the winter cabin but tent camping is easily available. Weekend of May 7-10 forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) This will be a quiet and meditative weekend. Eb will provide guided hikes on Saturday and Sunday, destinations to be decided by the participants. Campers … Continue reading May Events

Earth Day new Ramada Celebration

SAWUURA AZ, United States

Join Eb at camp to celebrate Earth Day & the completion of the new Ramada on the weekend of 4/22/2022. This will not be a hosted camp, so you’ll need to bring your own gear* & supplies. *ask if you need something. No charge. Limited to 30 campers. Leave a voicemail, text or email with … Continue reading Earth Day new Ramada Celebration

Memorial Day Self Contained Campout, Friday, May27 – Monday May 30, 2022

Want a quiet campsite in the tall pines for Memorial Day weekend? Join Eb for a relaxing weekend. The group kitchen with pots, pans, a stove, water, etc will be available, but you'll need to bring your own food and gear. We will follow the FS fire restrictions that are in place. Weather is unpredictable, … Continue reading Memorial Day Self Contained Campout, Friday, May27 – Monday May 30, 2022